The Scrutinies

Rev. Dr Elio Capra sdb explores the power and the beauty of the prayers of exorcism of the three scrutinies to be celebrated during the third, fourth and fifth Sundays of Lent.

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RCIA resources

The following resources cover a range of topics to support the process for initiation of candidates and catechumens.
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What does the RCIA journey involve?

There are five steps on the RCIA Journey. Each one concludes with a community ceremony (Rite) which acts as a starting point to the next stage. At each Rite the candidates affirm their intention to proceed to the next stage while the community commits to supporting them on their journey.
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Who is the RCIA for?

The Rite of Initiation is likened to a spiritual journey that takes place within the parish community.
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Resource: Exploring the Creed

The resource, I believe, help my unbelief: Meditations on the Creed provides an opportunity to reflect on the lines of the Creed, the summary of our Catholic beliefs, in the context of the contemporary world.

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