Prayers of blessing and healing in the RCIA: a pocket guide

As catechumens grow in awareness of God's transforming presence in their lives, and of the ways they continue to make themselves absent from God, the prayers of blessing and healing in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults offer them a powerful way of bringing their joys and sorrows before God and of inviting God into the tender places of their lives. Here Fr Elio Capra provides a useful ‘pocket guide’ for catechists on how to use these beautiful prayers.

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Exploring the practicalities and possibilities of RCIA in your parish/school

Tuesday 13 August --- We are offering two RCIA workshops this August—one focused on the planning, preparation and promotion of RCIA in the parish and the other on adapting the Rite for the preparation and initiation of children. These workshops are suitable for those new to and interested in the RCIA and those involved in catechetics or sacrament preparation (particularly the sacraments of initiation). Both workshops will be offered twice, to enable as many coordinators to attend. 
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Fall in love and stay in love

Rev. Dr Elio Capra SDB talks about the period of mystagogy, which takes place during the fifty days of Easter. "For those who have gone through the RCIA journey, this is the period for ‘mystagogy’. It is a time for mystagogical catechesis, not only for the ‘neophytes’ (the newly baptised), but also for the rest of us, the ‘old-phytes’. We are all on a mystagogical journey which only finishes ‘when our lives return to their source in the inexhaustible mystery of God’ (Nathan Mitchell, in Assembly: A Journal of Liturgical Theology, 2000). This is a theological way of saying that we all need mystagogical catechesis until the day we die and meet Jesus Christ face to face."
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Resourcing parishes for Lent

Lent offers an invitation to actively reorientate ourselves to God, because for Christians, God—and the one who was so loved, Jesus—is the heart and the soul of life. We are offered beautiful and ancient tools to help us enter into this time—tools of being prayerful, of living more simply and living more generously. Parishes are invited to download these free and easy-to-use resources for prayer and discussion throughout Lent, including these weekly podcast episodes exploring the gospels through art and prayer.
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The Melbourne Church celebrates the 2019 Rite of Election

On the Feast of St Patrick over 1,200 people gathered at St Patrick’s Cathedral on an autumnal Sunday afternoon for the annual Rite of Election. It is at this Rite that those who are preparing for the Easter sacraments—accompanied by parish RCIA team members, fellow parishioners, family, sponsors and godparents—are presented to the Archbishop and the wider Catholic community.
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Is it really Lent without catechumens and the scrutinies?

Rev. Dr Elio Capra SDB reflects on the original meaning of Lent: 'a time when God calls us into the desert so that through a process of purification and enlightenment, [so] we will once again fall in love with Christ and make him the centre of our lives. ... The process of purification and enlightenement becomes evident and alive through the celebration of the scrutinies. They are rituals celebrated during the third, fourth and fifth weeks of Lent to prepare those who are to be initiated (the elect) during the Easter Vigil (RCIA §133).'

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First steps to becoming an RCIA parish

Many parishes are keen to offer an effective ministry around the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) but might be confused about where and how to begin. This is the first in a series of posts that chart one parish’s experience of becoming an RCIA parish, with the aim of providing guidance and resources to those who are just starting out on their RCIA journey.

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Qualities & roles of RCIA team members

The ideal qualities of an RCIA team member will be informed by the kind of environment we wish to create. 

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Exploring the Word Catechumenate Resource

Previously known as the 'Take Home Sheet' and 'The Catechumenal Journey', Exploring the Word is useful for catechists as it offers a closer look at the Scripture of the day and how it makes more explicit God’s word to us through the teachings of Jesus Christ. Practical ideas are also offered for connecting the Gospel and daily life, and suggested music and environment.

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Video: How to use The Summit Online

New to The Summit Online? Watch this brief video to gain an overview of the online resource and learn how to access and download the various elements on the webpage. 

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