The Reader of God’s Word: 10 tips to improve your proclamation

Involved in liturgical ministries at your parish? This short video provides lectors - new or existing - with practical tips for improving their proclamation of the word.

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The holiness of the day

Director's Reflection (July 2017). "I wonder if the ability to see the holiness of the world is one of the great challenges we face. In the midst of our daily struggles to live as though we truly believe that goodness overcomes evil and that in our own little ways we do make a difference. To keep our eyes ‘fixed on the Lord’ so that we are able to recognise and respond to the presence of God in the ordinariness of our lives. And to remember that because of Jesus, the world really is a graced place."

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Letters from Home Sunday (16 July)

16 July --- At the conclusion of the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis in Misericordia et misera offered an invitation to "make the Sacred Scriptures better known and more widely diffused .." In the Archdiocese of Melbourne the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Sunday 16 July) has been suggested for this purpose and a range of resources have been prepared to assist in this regard.
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Reflections on Mary: Prison Chaplaincy

In this brief video, Good Samaritan sister Mary O'Shannassy reflects on the challenging yet rewarding ministry of prison chaplaincy. She reflects on the witness by Mary, mother of God and advocate for those without a voice. Includes reflection questions for personal/group discussion.
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A Joyous Death

Director's Reflection (May 2017). "We know, because the apostles have told us, that death is really the start of a new story. ... that is why we also know that ‘Christ’s resurrection is not an event of the past; it contains a vital power which has permeated this world."
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Opening Our Hearts & Minds (Lenten Program, Year A)

This free and accessible Lenten resource is ideal for parish/school groups or for anyone seeking some personal reflection time. A reflection has been prepared for each of the five weeks of Lent (Year A) and follows three simple steps (1. Be Still 2. Gospel Reading 3. Respond). Suggested songs  have also been recorded and provided for users.
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Templates for Mother's Day Celebrations

If your parish or school is looking for something special to distribute to mothers in your community, you might wish to download and print/display these pre-prepared bookmark and PPT templates.
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Celebrating the breath of life

Director's Reflection (April 2017). "I have a friend who, when I am getting a little anxious about things, will say – ‘just breathe’. There is wisdom in taking the time to consciously and attentively breathe."
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Stewards of Forgiveness

These two videos offer a window into the work of chaplains and priests, often seen as ‘stewards of forgiveness’. Their experience in hearing people’s stories of suffering and sometimes self-loathing, sheds light on the liberating power of forgiveness when sought but most importantly, when received. 

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Liturgical Brochure Series

This brochure series offers guidance and support for those involved in the various liturgical and pastoral ministries in parishes, schools and other religious and ecclesial communities.
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A Spirit of Mercy: Reflections on the Works of Mercy

A series of reflections on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy with reflection questions for use by individuals or in a group setting. 
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Hail Mary: Reflections on the Mysteries of the Rosary

As the mother of Jesus, Mary provides an outstanding lens through which to focus and find new pathways that empower each of us to ‘Be Merciful…’.
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