Resource: Social Profile of the Catholic Community in Australia

The Social Profile of the Catholic Community in Australia (based on the 2016 census) was recently released by the National Centre for Pastoral Research.  The profile provides information about key demographic indicators; how the Catholic community is changing across the country as well as over time, with some comparisons provided from earlier reports (e.g. 2011).
As Professor Gabrielle McMullen AM (Chair, Australian Catholic Council for Pastoral Research) writes, "I hope that you will find it to be a valuable tool in helping you understand the contemporary Australian Catholic community and assess its needs. ... It is important to note that the data in this profile applies to all those who identified themselves as Catholic in the Census. Census data informs us about a population's demographic characteristics, but not about their religious practice."
The report will be of assistance for local pastoral planning and is provided to every parish through the National Centre for Pastoral Research, of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. 

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