Resourcing parishes for Lent

Lent offers an invitation to actively reorientate ourselves to God, because for Christians, God—and the one who was so loved, Jesus—is the heart and the soul of life. We are offered this gracious time, when we can reflect on what has formed us since we trod last year’s Lenten path. And we are offered beautiful and ancient tools to help us enter into this time—tools of being prayerful, of living more simply and living more generously. These Lenten practices cultivate an environment in which we are able to think more deeply about God and about how we are responding to God’s call in our daily lives.

Resources to download 

Click on the links below to download these free and easy-to-use resources for the Season of Lent: 

'The Lenten Pilgrim' Podcast

Over the next five weeks of Lent, guest speakers will provide a brief reflection on the Sunday gospel passage—exploring its context and themes, and how it might encourage us in our Lenten journey.

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