Registrations for 2019 LEM Group Supervision

Lay ecclesial ministers (pastoral associates, pastoral workers and chaplains) are encouraged and required under the accreditation guidelines to participate in regular ministry supervision. 
Supervision provides a learning environment, which nurtures, supports and challenges growth in vocational identity so as to be more effective in our ministering to others. It is an investment in one’s ministry formation and development where the practitioner (the LEM) is invited to reflect on their pastoral practice. Clearer self-awareness from such reflective practice contributes to quality ministry, ethical integrity and knowing one’s professional limitations. It is the responsibility of the minister to develop and maintain their professional competency through a commitment to regular supervision to help ensure they do no harm to themselves or others.
Registration for the 2019 supervision groups is now open at
If you are new to ministry and wish to know more about Supervision, please contact Jacqui Giuliano on 9926 5687 or email


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