2018 Annual Report

It is our hope that the activities outlined in the following pages have enabled the many people with whom we have engaged to strengthen and deepen their relationship with Jesus, and have supported in them a desire to continue the work of spreading the Good News of Jesus in their corners of the world.

Many of our encounters are with people involved in parish leadership, and we are mindful of both the changing needs of parishes and the desire of so many parishes to renew parish life. This has required us to continually challenge our thinking about what a parish in the midst of the contemporary world looks like, and to reflect on what evangelisation means for us in our postmodern context. There is not a ‘one size fits all’ model of parish or of parish formation. One of the gifts of the Melbourne Church is the wonderful diversity that is found in parish life and in the way our parishes are responding to the call to be witnesses in their local communities. We are grateful to the parishes of Melbourne for inviting us to journey with them throughout the year.

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