Archbishop Comensoli on listening and discernment

The Plenary Council’s first stage of preparation is the "Listening and Dialogue" phase, from Pentecost 2018 to Ash Wednesday 2019. During this time, people will have the chance to gather with friends, family and fellow parishioners to share their experiences of faith, life and the Church.
As Archbishop Peter A Comensoli describes below, the invitation to participate in this Plenary process is something many of us are already familiar with -- especially in our family relationships where listening is so essential. He also talks about discernment as an invitation to look more and more like Jesus -- in whose image we are made. He asks, "What does God want us to look like? How might we flourish in looking more and more like the image that God has made us in?"

For more resources on the Plenary Council 2020, including more short videos on discernment and tips for facilitating groups, visit:

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