WATCH: Encountering Jesus in our biblical tradition

Over four weeks in May, the Archbishop’s Office for Evangelisation Melbourne hosted a lecture series exploring Christian leadership for the 21st-century context.

Internationally-renowned biblical scholar Rev Dr Francis Moloney points to our biblical heritage as the key to encountering the Risen Jesus. "Ritual, law, doctrine, pomp, ceremony, and ecclesiastical dignity dominate our Catholic lives, despite the prophetic words and witness of Pope Francis. God’s word and Christ’s flesh are daily poured into our ears, but we take no heed. It is to this Word that we turn to reflect upon the encounter with Jesus made possible through our biblical heritage. The resurrection and our belief and experience that Jesus lives enables an encounter with him through all the ages of Christian history."

Suggested points for reflection/discussion:  
  • How does Fr Frank's opening quote from St Jerome resonate with you? Disturb – surprise – shock?
'Pope Benedict XVI, in his post-Synodal exhortation of 2011, Verbum Domini, cited the striking words of Saint Jerome (347-420 CE): "When we approach the Mystery, if a crumb falls to the ground we are troubled. Yet when we are listening to the Word of God, and God’s word and Christ’s flesh are being poured into our ears we pay no heed” (Verbum Domini 56). Some 1600 years later we all know that Jerome’s complaint remains truer than ever.' 
  • What encounters with Jesus have you had through scripture? Do you have a particular story that speaks deeply to you?
  • How do you relate to Jesus’ understanding of himself as a “son of God”? Do you believe you are a daughter/son of God? That God is your “Abba”? How do/can you live this out?  

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