Liturgical Brochure Series

 Are you involved in liturgical or pastoral ministries? ​ This brochure series offers guidance and support for those involved in the various liturgical and pastoral ministries in parishes, schools and other religious and ecclesial communities. The brochures summarise the theological background, liturgical guidelines and pastoral notes on various aspects of each ministry. The following brochures are available to order:

The Reader of God’s Word
A reader (sometimes called a lector or minister of God’s word) is the person who proclaims the first or second reading during the Liturgy of the Word.

Leading the Liturgy of the Word with Children
The Liturgy of the Word with Children is not simply a lesson, nor activity time, but the leader guides the children to relate the Gospel to their own lives.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion During Mass
Explore the biblical, spiritual, and liturgical guidance for extraordinary ministers of holy communion during Mass.

Ministry of Communion to the Sick
Explore the spiritual, liturgical and pastoral dimensions of the ministry for those engaged in this important service of pastoral care.

Ministry of Priest Celebrant
The role of the priest is to lead the community in prayer to the Father through Christ in the Holy Spirit. His goal is to enable the full, conscious and active participation of all.

Commentators and Readers of Prayers of the Faithful
Commentators foster participation at Mass by introducing hymns, the Responsorial Psalm, the Prayers of the Faithful and announcements at the end of Mass.

Ministry of Cantor and Song Leader
The goal of the music director is not to ensure better singing but rather better prayer through a better execution of the singing. (Deiss 50)

Ministry of the Sacristan
Sacristans care for and prepare a diverse range of liturgical requisites: liturgical books, vessels, etc. Through their care of the material things of worship, sacristans contribute in a vital way to every liturgical celebration.

Ministry of Pastoral Visitation
Visiting people is a practical way in which the community of faith reaches out to others and helps to draw them into closer communion with the whole Body of Christ.

Ministry of Preaching the Homily
The preacher does not so much attempt to explain the Scriptures as to interpret the human situation through the Scriptures. (FIYH 50, 52, 55)

Ministry of Liturgical Environment
Ministers of the liturgical environment create settings rich in beauty and symbolism. Yet the focus is always God, never the setting itself.

Ministry of Serving at Mass 
Serving is a ministry, a service to be given, not a job to be done. Servers, lectors, commentators and members of the choir also exercise a genuine liturgical function.

Ministry of Parish Music Coordinator
Parish music coordinators oversee and orchestrate the music for the community’s liturgical celebrations, always with the primary aim of enabling the assembly to find its voice.

Ministry of Parish Master of Ceremonies
Parish MCs coordinate the liturgical rites of the parish, especially those that are more complex, to ensure that they are celebrated faithfully.

To order copies
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