Lay Ecclesial Ministers need and deserve formation of high standards that will provide them with the necessary skills and resources to adequately minister to the community they serve within. Accreditation is both a recognition and affirmation of the professionalism that is required by ministers in contemporary ministry.

Lay Ecclesial Ministry Accreditation Standards 

The LEM Accreditation Standards outlines a series of standards and competencies that are required in order to obtain accreditation as a LEM in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. There are various ‘grades’ of accreditation all with a corresponding and expected level of competency.

Application Forms 

Applications for accreditation as a Lay Ecclesial Minister in the Archdiocese of Melbourne are assessed by the LEM Assessment Panel. Please review the Accreditation Guidelines (see above) prior to submitting an application.
NOTE: When applying for re-accreditation, please ensure you have the most recent application form above. 
Applications may be emailed or posted to:

Secretariat for Lay Ecclesial Ministry
Archbishop's Office for Evangelisation
PO Box 146, East Melbourne Vic 8002
(03) 9926 5761

Upcoming accreditation dates 

Two rounds of accreditations are held during the year for LEMs. This year the submission dates for accreditation are:
  • Friday 3 May (round 1)
  • Friday 6 September (round 2)
If you have been thinking about seeking accreditation for the first time, gaining accreditation at a higher grade, re-accrediting your current level or confirming your provisional accreditation then please contact the Secretariat for Lay Ecclesial Ministry and we can guide you through the application process and provide the application forms. 

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