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A selection of helpful resources for those preparing prayers and liturgies for various groups. Most of these resources are readily available online and links have been provided.
150 Opening and Closing Prayers
Koch (St Mary's Press, 1990)
This abundant collection of prayers will be helpful to anyone who wants to begin or end a meeting, a school day, or a class with a prayer but does not have time to compose one. The prayers cover many themes central to Christian life, and each prayer may be adapted to varying situations. Topics include creating community, hope, peace and reconciliation, leaders, celebration and thanksgiving, creation, compassion, wisdom and understanding, and courage in hard times. Available via Pauline Books & Media >
A Book of Uncommon Prayer
(Brian Doyle, 2014)
This book contains a series of prayers unlike any of the beautiful, formal, orthodox prayers of the Catholic tradition or the warm, extemporized prayers heard from pulpits and dinner tables. Doyle’s poignant prayers include eye-opening hymns to shoes and faith and family. The work gives permission to discover the joys and treasures in what Doyle often calls the muddle of everyday life.  Available at Garratt Publishing >
A Prayer Book for Australia
The full edition of APBA is the complete text authorised by the 1995 General Synod as liturgical resources available for use alongside the Book of Common Prayer.Content: Sunday Services, The Liturgical Psalter, Daily Prayer, The Church’s Year, Pastoral Services, The Ordinal, Supplementary Material. Available at Garratt Publishing >
Book of Blessings
(Catholic Book Publishing, 1989)
This liturgical book contains the blessings of the Roman Ritual for the Universal Church as well as additional proper blessings for use in the United States.  Available via Pauline Books & Media >  
Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers
(United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1989)
Contains prayers that have marked the joys, sorrows, and daily routines of many generations. This beautifully illustrated book includes prayers and blessings for daily use, specific days and seasons, and various times and places, as well as common prayers. The comprehensive resource also includes an overview of the Church's calendar and may be used as a teaching tool by clergy and laity. 
Basic Prayers for Children
Werthmann (Liguori Publications, 2012)
Here is a handy and inexpensive pamphlet containing traditional Catholic prayers all school-aged children need to know. The pamphlet starts with the most basic prayers like the Sign of the Cross, the Hail Mary, and the Lord's Prayer. It also includes the Apostles Creed, the twenty Mysteries of the Rosary, morning and evening prayers, mealtime prayers, prayers for receiving the sacraments, and many others.  Available via >
Blessings and Prayers Through the Year
Elizabeth McMahon (2004) 
This book offers numerous prayers, blessings, and rituals for all of the occasions and needs that arise in both school and parish life. The book has a clear, easy-to-follow format and offers helpful background information and ideas for preparing for ritual and prayer. Included are 2 CDs, one with music and vocals to teach the songs and the other with musical accompaniment only. There are also music pages for teaching and playing in groups. Parts include the Seasons of the School and Parish, Year Prayers for Special Times & Traditional Catholic Prayers. Available via Garratt Publishing >
Children's Daily Prayer - Under the Southern Cross
Margaret Smith SGS with New Zealand Associates (Spectrum Publications Pty Ltd. Richmond, Vic)
A liturgical book of prayer for catholic students - Years 3 to 8 - helping them pray their way through the church's years. It contains: daily classroom prayer for each school day plus meal and end of the day prayers, weekly prayer for groups that meet only once a week, prayers and blessings for special occasions, celebrations of significance for Australia and New Zealand, as well as important world celebrations and days, and rich background material for each of the liturgical seasons. Available at Garratt Publishing > | Available via Pauline Books & Media >
Disciples in Prayer - A Resource for Faith Sharing Yr A, B, C
(OCP, 2003)
This book is the result of the collaborative efforts of the Secretariat for Evangelization of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Oregon Catholic Press. Its purpose is to implement more fully Go and Make Disciples: A National Plan and Strategy for Catholic Evangelization, approved by the General Assembly of Bishops in November, 1992. These two publications stress the crucial role of the Word of God in prayer, sacramental worship, in our homes, workplaces, and communities. Only when we are shaped through and through by the Word can we become more effective bearers of the transforming gift of the Good News to all nations, races, and classes. Available via >
How to write Prayers of the Faithful
(Corinna Laughlin, 2015)
This booklet is a writing tool for those charged with the task of writing the Prayer of the Faithful for parish liturgies: priests, deacons, liturgy and music directors, parish secretaries, school REL’s and members of worship commissions. It provides basic and necessary background with practical examples parish staffs, parishioners or others will need to compose their own well-written prayers. The booklet includes: An overview of the Prayer of the Faithful; Writing tips for constructing the introduction, petitions, closing prayer, and assembly’s response; Help with grammar; Variations with sentence structure and prayer formats; Appropriate ways for incorporating events from the news; Examples and criteria for praying with the liturgical seasons, Scripture, and the saints; Sample prayer texts; Ideas for incorporating specific needs through the year; Questions for discussion and reflection; Answers to frequently asked questions.  Available at Garratt Publishing >
Lectionary for Masses with Children 
This book contains the readings for Masses with children on Sundays and weekdays. This one-volume edition contains texts for all Masses on Sundays and Solemnities of the Lord during Ordinary Time (A, B , C) and 60 sets of readings for weekdays (Advent, 4; Lent, 9; Easter, 8; Ordinary Time, 39), as well as Masses for the Proper of Saints; Commons; the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, and Reconciliation; and Various Needs and Occasions. Approved for use in the Dioceses of the United States of America by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and confirmed by the Apostolic See. Prepared by the Committee on the Liturgy, National Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Available at Garratt Publishing >
Living Liturgy
This publication comprises articles, resource pages and a comprehensive liturgy planner for every Sunday of the Liturgical Year plus Christmas and the Easter Triduum. Issues published: Ordinary Time (January-February); Lent; Easter Triduum; Easter-Pentecost; Ordinary Time (May-August); Ordinary Time (September-November); Advent & Christmas. This publication is distributed free of charge to parishes, schools and individual users within the Catholic Diocese of Sale. Subscriptions are available to readers outside of the Diocese of Sale. Available via the Sale Diocese >
Lord Hear Our Prayer
(The Liturgical Press Collegeville, Minnesota, 1995)
This collection of texts for the Prayers of the Faithful covers Sundays and major feasts for all three cycles of the liturgical year as well as Prayers of the Faithful for ritual Masses. Reflecting the themes and language of the Sunday or feast's Lectionary readings, each prayer text includes an introduction for the presider; petitions for both the universal and local Church, for those who lead and serve the Church, the nation, and the community, for the special needs of others (e.g., families, the poor, and the sick), and for the faithful departed; and the celebrant's closing collect. As prayers of the faithful belong to the community of faithful, this book can also be used as a guide by leaders and planners of worship to write and offer their own community's prayers. Available at Garratt Publishing > 
Morning Homilies
Each morning Pope Francis says Mass and offers a short homily for fellow residents and guests in the chapel of St. Martha’s Guesthouse, where he has chosen to live. Through these accounts of his morning homilies, drawn from September 2013 to January 2014, it is now possible, for those who were not present, to experience and enjoy his lively manner of speaking, and his capacity to engage his listeners and their daily lives with the joy of the gospel message. The homilies are marked by humor and memorable images, but more importantly by the recurring themes of mercy and forgiveness; the role of Jesus as Savior; the dangers of a church closed in on itself; and the gospel as an unfailing source of life and joy. The pack contains one copy each of Morning Homilies Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 and newly released Volume 4.  Available at Garratt Publishing >
The official Ordo for Australia and New Zealand is an indispensable reference for liturgy planning and is a requirement in every sacristy and church office. Available from Liturgy Brisbane > 
Praying on Empty
(Mary Kathleen Glavich, 2017)
This book explores some of the reasons people experience aridity in prayer, and provides strategies that can use right away. Each chapter offers questions to ponder, and prayers to help express personal thoughts and feelings. Infused with stories of saints and everyday folks who’ve been there, this reassuring book can serve as a map through the desert toward spiritual growth and “ultimately to God, our Creator, who at times plays hide-and-seek”.  Available via Pauline Books & Media >
Preparing Morning and Evening Prayer
James Richards (Novalis, 1997)
The church's tradition of communal praise and petition in the morning and evening is enjoying a revival today as scholars and practitioners alike discover the riches of the cathedral-style office of the parish community. Simplicity, repetition and rich use of symbol characterize this liturgy. Readers will understand how cathedral-style morning and evening prayer work, and how to help their parishes learn to celebrate and love this ancient form of common prayer.
Sacred Space
(The Irish Jesuits, 2017)
Each day of the Advent season, includes a Scripture reading and points of reflection, as well as a weekly topic enhanced by six steps of prayer and reflection. Sacred Space—Advent is a simple way to build a richer relationship with God and embrace the Advent season as a sacred space. Available at Garratt Publishing >
The Australian Lectionary 2018 
This booklet of scripture readings is a helpful resource of feasts, festivals, and readings. The scripture readings 2017-18 is based on the rules and the Readings and Collects found in A Prayer Book for Australia. Available at Garratt Publishing >
The Daily Mass Book 
The Daily Mass Book runs from Advent to Advent. Compact and very easy to follow, it contains all the texts for Sunday and weekday Mass.  Available at Garratt Publishing >  
The SPCK Book of Christian Prayer
(SPCK, 1995)
Bringing together over 1,200 prayers, both classic and contemporary, this book will prove an inspiring and practical resource for Christians of all denominations. This prestigious collection encompasses a wider and more varied range of Christian prayers than any other anthology of its kind, making it an essential handbook for all who want to deepen and enhance their prayer life, as well as for those involved in leading others in worship - whether in church, in school or in the home. Available at Garratt Publishing > 
The Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church explained to young people the meaning of their faith in language, style and design that has appealed greatly to them. YOUCAT - The Youth Prayer Book helps them to live their faith and deepen their spiritual lives. The book includes modern, new prayers, along with traditional prayers, and the time-honoured prayers of Holy Scripture. It also gives a lot of practical advice on how to pray: in the morning, in the evening, and in between; in sorrow or in joy. The prayer book is illustrated with many photos of young people from all over the world.  Available at Garratt Publishing >
We Pray as One 2017
(Liturgy Brisbane 2016) 
Daily liturgical prayer for the school classroom and parish meetings. Week by week during the year, a simple liturgical prayer is provided, taking account of the liturgical seasons and saints' days.  Available at Garratt Publishing >
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