Lay Ecclesial Ministry

Catechist Support and Resources

We encourage catechists to visit the new webpage ‘Catechist Central’ which provides a wealth of information, guidance and support for this vitally important parish ministry. 
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Stewards of Forgiveness

These two videos offer a window into the work of chaplains and priests, often seen as ‘stewards of forgiveness’. Their experience in hearing people’s stories of suffering and sometimes self-loathing, sheds light on the liberating power of forgiveness when sought but most importantly, when received. 

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Background: Secretariat for Lay Ecclesial Ministry

In 2011, a Review of Accreditation Requirements for Pastoral Associates and Lay Chaplains was conducted by Dr Peter Carpenter. A report was then submitted to the Archbishop Denis Hart, outlining the current situation along with recommendations for a process forward.
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Ministry Supervision

Supervision provides a learning environment, which nurtures, supports and challenges growth in vocational identity so as to be more effective in our ministering to others.
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What does 'Lay Ecclesial Ministry' refer to?

Lay Ecclesial Ministry is an umbrella term utilised to bring together different groups of ministers that have existed for many years in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. 
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