Day of Prayer - Sunday 6 August

Below are suggestions on how you could undertake a Day of Prayer in your parish on Sunday 6 August.

  1. Publicise in the weeks before, a dedicated time of prayer for this need. This could take the form of a dedicated holy hour of Eucharistic adoration, a rosary before/after Mass or asking those who can’t attend that to make a specific time to pray for this intention specifically.

  2. Include one or more of the suggested prayers of intercessions at Mass (see below).

  3. Have the congregation recite the prayer provided on the Love to the End prayer card.

  4.  Include something on the issue in your homily.

  5. In the week preceding the day of prayer, hold an information session where the video resources from this website can be used to inform parishioners about the issue and the concerns the Bishops have expressed. This will help parishioners understand what is being proposed and why prayer and action are needed.


  1. For all who are approaching death, that they be granted the grace to live in peace in this life and rest in peace in the next. Lord, hear us.

  2.  For all doctors, nurses, and care givers who answer the call to serve the sick and dying. May they be strengthened to continue to use their gifts in the service of life. Lord, hear us.

  3. For our law and policy makers, may they always seek to serve the common good and respect the dignity of all, especially the most vulnerable. Lord, hear us.

  4. For the family and friends who accompany a loved one approaching death, that their expression of love may be sustained by the hope of Christ’s resurrection. Lord, hear us. 


When Life is Ending

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