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The Congregation of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Passionists, were founded in Italy in 1720 by St Paul of the Cross for the renewal of the church. The Passion of Jesus is the greatest sign of God’s love for each and every person. The first Passionists came to Australia in 1843, to begin the first Catholic Mission to the Aborigines on Stradbroke Island off Brisbane. A second group came from London in 1887 to establish what is now the Province of the Holy Spirit. They were asked to serve in the parish of St. Brigid in Marrickville, NSW. Passionists are now found in Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Vietnam. 

The Passionists assumed pastoral responsibility for our parish in 1998.  They are also engaged in works across the Diocese and across the country.


Passionist Community
Fr Brendan Connell CP, Parish Priest & Community Leader
Fr Brian Gleeson CP
Fr Kevin Hennesey CP  
Brother Luke Bulley CP 

Passionist Provincial:

Province Centre:
PO Box 12, 
Marrickville   NSW     1475
+61 (2) 8577 5600 


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