The following information may help you in planning your Marriage. The priest will need the following information to complete the Government & Church Forms. A Pro forma is attached to assist in this.
Government Requirements
  • Notice of Intended Marriage, to be signed from 1 - 12 months before marriage.
  • Birth Certificates to be sighted by & information recorded by the celebrant.
  • Consent from a magistrate if one of the party is under 18.
  • Declaration of freedom to marry signed before the marriage.
These documents will be completed by the priest. 
Church Requirements
  • Marriage Preparation Programme (FOCCUS) completed with a priest or facilitator, and/or a course with Centacare Catholic Family Services.
  • Church Pre-nuptial Inquiry Form signed.
  • A recent baptism certificate supplied.
  • For mixed marriages, a dispensation form signed by Catholic party (if applicable).
  • If one of the parties was previously married, a marriage annulment might be required. These can take up to 2 years to be completed.
  • To marry outside a Church, the couple need to write to the Archbishop, outlining the reasons for their request. These are not automatically given.
Other Arrangements to be Made
  • Planning Your Marriage Service: You will be assisted in planning your service. There are many ways of celebrating a wedding, ways to include people in the celebration of the covenant of love and life to one another. You will plan the marriage ceremony with the help of the celebrant. Take your time and pick the appropriate readings, prayers, and music to suit the celebration and to help your families and friends share with you. We can help you with many of the texts if you want to print a Marriage Booklet. These are available and can be emailed to you.
  • Rehearsal: to be arranged, e.g., a night or two before the marriage. When marrying in other parts of Melbourne, it can be more convenient to have the rehearsal at Endeavour Hills.
  • Confetti & Rice: All Churches request that guests not throw confetti, rice, flowers etc. Today, this is regarded as polluting the environment. Please advise guests about this in your invitation.

Fees and Costs:

Marriage Preparation:
Please contact the Parish office for details of the marriage preparation courses required to be completed. 
Marriage Service:  

Donation for Church:  

  $300      payable week before Marriage. 

Donation for Celebrant:

 $350      if Marriage is at St Paul Apostle 

 $400      if Marriage is celebrated in another church. 


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