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Seniors Events
This is a lively group of older people who enjoy the company and support of one another. Several gatherings are organized during the year. Each one depends on the interest of the members. Events are announced in our weekly newsletter.
Passionist Family Groups

This is a ministry that began in Sydney in 1972 in the Passionist parish of St. Anthony in the Fields in Terrey Hills. It is a lively and simple way of bringing together a number of families or individuals into a “Family Group”. It is a rediscovery of the extended family in a Christian style. They are asked to meet every month for a low-cost or no-cost meeting or celebration. We hope that the Family Group will become a tiny community within the bigger community of our parish. All are welcome. No-one is excluded.

Members commit themselves on a yearly basis, attending as they can the monthly gathering agreed in the calendar by their Family Group. 

Groups consist of 10-15 family units, many with children, some without, or single parents. There is room for everyone, married, single, divorced, old, young. After members get to know each other, Family Groups members support each other in the high and low times of life.  They are particularly popular with families who want to connect with other families, and for those without an extended family in the vicinity.

Mens Club

The Men’s Club has been operating for over 30 years, and meets on the first Friday of the month in the Tim O’Toole Annexe from 7.30pm. Supper and a driver service is provided. Men of all ages are welcome, Mens’ Club organises special activities through the year, such as Trivia Night, Pizza Night, Father & Son Night, Footy Tipping etc.

They are generous in their support of groups like St Vincent de Paul Society and the parish from their fund raising.

St Paul Apostle Tennis Club

St Paul Apostle Tennis Club has been operating now for over 25 years.  The Tennis Club provides coaching and competition opportunities for young and older, so as to develop their sporting and social skills.  Competitions are held in winter and summer for people aged 7 to 77, with awards of Victorian Tennis Pennants available.

The club is family focused, with a variety of social events, as well as social tennis for mixed teams.

St Paul Apostle Netball Club
Netball is a vigorous sport that assists in the development of young people. Teams operate over a range of ages and compete in the Under 11’s, Under 13’s, Under 15’s, Under 17’s & Opens. The two junior competitions are open to boys and girls, the latter to girls only. Teams compete in both the summer and winter competitions.

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