St John's Regional College

St John’s Regional College
St John’s College was begun as a ministry of the Presentation Sisters and the De la Salle Brothers. Since then it has continued through the commitment of a fine group of teachers. The Leadership of the College is invested in a principal appointed by the Association of Canonical Administrators, that being the five parish priests of the feeder parishes.


Mr Tim Hogan 


Caroline Street, Dandenong 


8793 2000



St John’s Regional College caters for Catholic families from the Parishes of Endeavour Hills, Dandenong, Doveton, Noble Park & Hampton Park. Others are considered when there are vacancies.

St John’s is a co-educational secondary college that offers students a well rounded education for life. They have the scope to explore the arts, music, a wide range of technologies and sports. By the completion of their time at St John’s, our students find their way to universities, apprenticeships and traineeships, depending on their talent and interest.
Families are expected to pay all fees and levies. When this happens, classroom supplies, school maintenance and development can be assured. Consideration is given to cases of real need.

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