Religious & Faith Education

A key ministry of the Parish is the faith formation of its members.  In particular, the parish is charged with the faith formation of children.  This is accomplished in a number of ways:

·         The Parish conducts two excellent schools within Endeavour Hills,  St Paul Apostle South, and St Paul Apostle North. 

·         As well as these, St John’s Regional College in Dandenong offers a comprehensive education for our young people from Year 7 through to Year 12.  It offers a wide curriculum, from children with advanced skills to children with disabilities.

·         The children attending Government Schools are provided for through the After School Religious Education programme on a Tuesday afternoon.

·         Children preparing for Sacraments do so through an integrated Parish Sacrament Programme supported by the schools and parish staff.

·         The parish priests provide chaplaincy services to St John’s Regional College.

Recognising that much of our faith development happens through regular participation in the Eucharist, our priests celebrate regular liturgies with our children at class, year level and whole school levels.

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