Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a team of parishioners who, with the Parish Team, promote the life and mission of our Parish. It offers advice to the Parish Priest and Parish Team on ways to foster action inspired by Jesus Christ and promotes action to build up the Parish as a community of Disciples sharing the mission of Jesus.

 The Pastoral Council carries out its task by:

 o   Prayerfully reflecting on the needs of the parish and discerning emerging future needs.

 o   A listening and receptive attitude to fellow parishioners, to call forth the gifts of others.

 o   Being a link between the various parish groups and the Parish Team.

 o   Being open to their personal ongoing faith formation.  



 The Pastoral Council aims to reflect the different cultures, ages, genders and gifts of the parish. 

 Council usually consists of the Parish Team plus 10 – 12 members and the School Principals.

 Membership is for a 2-year term. After 2 consecutive terms Council members should be given a break.

 To meet particular needs of the parish, other persons can be co-opted to work with the Council. 


 ALLEGANY    Diane                                      CLARK   Alex

 DILINGER    Sai                                             DIMITRAKAS    Sandra

 HERBERT     Stephen                                   JORNET      George

 KEARNEY    Damian                                    KEATING     Margaret

 WEMYSS     Trevor


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