We can accept our loved one without approving the practising homosexual lifestyle.

We are not here to develop ways to "change" our loved one.

There is no simple "cause" of these attractions - rather it is best to see that the "cause" rests with a combination of several factors - including hormonal, environmental and spiritual.

Same sex inclination, while not the fault of the person, is not a neutral situation but an objectively disordered attraction.

Any unjust discrimination towards the person with same sex attractions must be completely avoided.

Same sex acts are contrary to the natural law of God and can never be approved, because they close the sex act to the gift of life and the natural complementarity of human sexuality.

Christ-like chastity is a healthy and wholesome way of life that brings peace and happiness.

Catholic parents and friends can and must be a Christ-like presence in the life of their loved one struggling with these feelings.