Is it all worthwhile?

For many, seeking a decree of nullity has some very painful and anxious moments. However, it can be a pastoral and therapeutic process as well as a legal procedure. Many applicants find that the process itself, and the sensitive approach of the tribunal staff, can be an experience of healing and an opportunity to face up to debilitating memories of the past.

Moreover, whether a decree of nullity be issued or not, the decision should bring peace of mind to the parties who have been wondering or questioning whether the Church would regard the marriage in question as binding for life or not.

Naturally, decrees of nullity bring many the satisfaction of being able to celebrate a planned remarriage in the Catholic Church, or to have another marriage (already entered) validated and recognised by the Church. But even those who petition unsuccessfully for a decree of nullity can at least make their future plans informed with a clear understanding of their marital status as far as the Church tribunal can determine.