2012 Media Releases

Iconography Exhibition Fitzroy

17 August 2012

The perfect place for an iconography ‘windows to heaven’ exhibition, All Saints Church was built in the depression for the residents of the rooming houses, widows and members of broken homes and broken lives, who agitated for a local church, a neighbourhood church less imposing than the grandeur of St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Melbourne QC and noted iconographer Geoffrey Horgan began producing the icons 20 years ago and now a large number of visually beautiful and deeply moving icons unique to Melbourne can be viewed in the simple blue stone church of All Saints in the shadows of the Fitzroy high rise flats.

All Saints Catholic Church
174 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

9:30am to 4:30pm Friday, Saturday Sunday 17-19 August

Geoffrey Horgan QC will be at All Saints Church on Saturday between 1pm and 3pm; otherwise he can attend the exhibition any other time by arrangement

Iconography Exhibition