Promoting Interfaith Relations Second Edition single pages

Introduction In recent times, it has become common for moments of celebration or tragedy to be marked by multifaith gatherings, often initiated by civic or government bodies, in order to mirror the diverse nature of our society and to promote its harmony and wellbeing. Indeed, particular religious groups and local interfaith networks often arrange such events in their neighbourhood. It is, therefore, increasingly likely that the parishes and agencies of the Archdiocese will be invited to take part in interfaith gatherings. If such occasions are to be truly spiritual, they cannot be simply a ‘colourful’ event or an empty ritual. They must be so structured and conducted that participants draw nearer to the Divine Mystery. In addition, individual members of the Church will find opportunities and situations in which they are called into dialogue and interaction with their neighbours of other faiths and cultures. These short guidelines are intended to help provide a balanced and fruitful approach for responding appropriately to this call and, more generally, for promoting interfaith relations within the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Promoting Interfaith Relations 1 Guidelines for the parishes and agencies of the Archdiocese of Melbourne to assist in the promotion of interfaith relations in general and especially in the preparation of interfaith gatherings. 2