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A high quality booklet entitled Homosexuality and Real Hope has been designed by the group based on, and with copyright permission from, the US Catholic Medical Association's booklet Homosexuality and Hope. Copies have been sent to every Catholic parish in the Melbourne Archdiocese. Phone numbers to ring for help and websites to access are included. See these on this website under 'Contacts'.

Courage parish outreach    

In July 2009, the members of the newly formed Courage met and discussed what they would like the group to achieve over the year to July 2010.

They decided first to reach out to other Catholic people who experience same-sex attraction (SSA). They wanted to show them that the Church loves them and has two vibrant support groups in place, with top priestly guidance. These groups seek to give them a safe place and time to share their lives deeply and privately with sympathetic like-minded people, where spiritual and moral growth in holiness is the main aim, and peace of mind and heart follow on.

Gay Myths - A Catholic Psychologist Examines the Data    

In conjunction with  “Theology in the Pub”, Marie and Alan Mason and the members of Courage and EnCourage Melbourne hosted a public talk given by distinguished US Catholic psychologist Dr Timothy Lock, at Cardinal Knox Centre and Campion House Kew, 27 – 28 October 2009.

Dr Lock exposed nine gay myths, citing scientific research. It was refreshing to hear the misinformation put out by the media and gay lobby to be false—and dangerous, especially to vulnerable people with unwanted SSA.

Courage and EnCourage - Safe and peaceful havens for same sex attracted persons and their families and friends    

By the grace of God and the financial help of a good friend, I was recently able to attend the US National and International Courage and EnCourage Conference held in Philadelphia 9 – 12 July 2009.

Courage and EnCourage are movements of the Spirit within the Catholic Church to support, and inspire to holiness, persons experiencing same-sex attraction, and their families. Absolute confidentiality is assured and both groups have priestly guidance.