Courage International -  Over 95 groups. Founded in 1980 in New York.

Provides spiritual support and fellowship for men and women with same sex attraction. who are striving to live chaste lives in accord with the Roman Catholic Church's teachings. The companion group, EnCourage, is for families and friends of person's with same sex attraction.

The following are contacts to receive newsletters, get phone help, attend meetings or conferences, or obtain help in starting Courage or EnCourage groups.

Courage International Headquarters in New York, USA
201W. 31st Street
c/o John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church
New York NY 10001 USA
Phone: +212 268 1010

Australian National Chaplain

  • Fr Gregory Jordan
    07 3876 0757


To speak to a sympathetic person use the following phone numbers.


  • Fr Peter Joseph
    0418 136 785


  • Brendan Scarce
    07 3865 2464
  • Michael Curtin
    0411 180 264


  • Fr Peter Ryan
    02 6380 5222

National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (USA)

Catholic Medical Association (USA)