Dates in the History of St Patrick's Cathedral

1835   Settlement of Melbourne (at the head of Port Phillip Bay) in Port Phillip District of the Colony of NSW.
1839   Rev Patrick Bonaventure Geoghegan OSF first priest arrives in Melbourne.
1847 July 9 Australia Felix established as the Diocese of Melbourne .
1847 July The Colonial Secretary grants two acres of land for a church on Eastern Hill, where St Patrick's Cathedral now stands. Fr Geoghegan establishes St Patrick's Parish.
1848 October 4 Bishop James Alipius Goold OSA takes possession of See of Melbourne.
1850 April An additional two acres of land is approved for a bishop's residence.
  April 9 Bishop Goold lays foundation stone of first (freestone) St Patrick's Church.

February 14

Bishop Goold blesses the first section of the second (bluestone) St Patrick's Church. Bishop Goold announces a cathedral is to be built for the diocese.
  November William Wardell commissioned to prepare plans for a cathedral church and work commences.
  December 8 First contract for Cathedral signed.
1870 March 17 Dean Fitzpatrick lays first stone of central tower.
1874 March 17 Melbourne created a Metropolitan See
1886 June 11 Death of Archbishop Goold. He lies buried in the Holy Souls Chapel.
1887 June 11 Archbishop Thomas Carr arrives in Melbourne.
1897 October 27 Consecration of St Patrick's Cathedral under Archbishop Thomas Carr.
1913 March 23 Arrival of Dr Mannix, coadjutor to Archbishop Carr.
1917 May 6 Death of Archbishop Carr who lies buried in the Sacred Heart Chapel. Archbishop Daniel Mannix becomes third Archbishop of Melbourne.
1937 March 31 Contract for central spire signed - Conolly and Vanheems.
  October 31 Contract for front spires signed.
1939 March 31 Spires completed and blessed by Archbishop Mannix.
1948 May 2-9 Celebrations to mark Centenary of Diocese of Melbourne.
1963 November 6 Death of Archbishop Daniel Mannix who was succeeded by Archbishop Justin Simonds.
1967 July 30 Installation of Melbourne's fifth Archbishop, Archbishop James Knox.
  October 3 Death of Archbishop Simonds.
1970 November 15 First Masses on New Sanctuary.
1974 July 24 Pope Paul VI confers title and dignity of Minor Basilica on St Patrick's Cathedral
  August 18 Installation of Melbourne's sixth Archbishop, Archbishop Little.
1986 November 28 Pope John Paul II addresses clergy in the Cathedral on occasion of his Papal Visit.
1989 December 8 Archbishop Little blesses and restores bells.
1992 June 7 Ceremony to mark the Inauguration of Restoration and Conservation Works.
1996 July 16 Retirement of Archbishop Little.
  August 16 Archbishop Pell becomes Melbourne's seventh Archbishop.
1997   St Patrick's Cathedral restoration works completed. Centenary of the Consecration of the St Patrick's Cathedral and dedication of the Altar
2001 March 26 Archbishop Pell appointed Archbishop of Sydney
2001 August 1

Installation of Melbourne's eighth Archbishop, Archbishop Denis Hart