Aboriginal Culture
Stone Inlay

This beautiful Aboriginal stone inlay depicts the Creator Spirit who is the continuing source of life in both Aboriginal and Christian spiritual traditions. Encircled by a border of greenstone and a larger surround of basalt, the design of the stone inlay is based on the conceptual understanding that meaning is multi-layered.  Each symbol in the design has dual meaning. The particular perspective of the viewer will determine the interpretation of the design. The viewer also is given the opportunity to gain insight into another people’s culture.


Dove (white granite)
The dove represents the breath and spirit of God as it flies over the water before the act of creation.

Snake (yellow granite, brass)
Myndii, the great snake that punished unlawful behaviour, acted under the power of Bunjil; it could not act alone. The snake can also represent the Rainbow Serpent which is the Creator Spirit for different Aboriginal cultures in the north of Australia. It is reminiscent of the snake in the story of the Fall in the garden of Eden while for the Jewish people freed from Egypt, the serpent on the staff held by Moses was a sign of healing.

Eagle (red granite)
The eagle on the ground represents the shadow of Bunjil’s presence. The Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation believe that Bunjil as their moiety is a spiritual being with a spiritual power who created man, woman, and child, and all living things from the land. Bunjil the Eagle is one of the two skin groups for the Kulin Nation. Bunjil keeps a watchful eye on all people and offers guidance to those who choose to listen.

This Gothic symbol is used to represent the Trinity. It is present in Cathedral architecture. The snake is the shape of the trefoil.

Lines (bluestone)
The lines are based on a Kulin Nation design which was found on possum cloaks, shields and on bark used in dwellings. Under the eagle’s wings the lines represent the two skin groups and the thirty eight language groups found in Victoria. The line in the middle of the cross represents the language groups which, due to the effects of colonisation, are unknown.

The source of all life. Lines sandblasted into the bluestone represent the water the dove flies over.

Aboriginal Culture