St Francis Xavier & St Clare

Catholic Parish of Greater Box Hill | In the Franciscan tradition

The Sacristan Ministry

The Role of the Sacristan
Sacristans care for the Sacristy, the Church and Church contents and are requested to arrive 45 to 30 minutes prior to the start of Mass.

Mass Preparation:
Duties for the Sacristan, before and after Mass are as follows:
. Open and light the church and candles
. Organise items such as the Chalice, Ciborium, Carafe, purifier cloths, jugs and bowls
. Ensure priests have checked the Missal and readers are aware of their readings
. Attend to details as they arise
. Wash Chalice and pack up
. Turn off lights, lock church doors and facilities.

. Normal Mass preparations
. Prepare candle stand, holy water and incense

. Assist in the training of Altar Servers (see Ministry, Altar Servers) 
. Ensure that Linen is washed etc. (see Ministry, Care of Linen)
. Assist the priest during celebration of Mass