St Francis Xavier & St Clare

Catholic Parish of Greater Box Hill | In the Franciscan tradition

Music Ministry


Do you sing along at Mass? Then you qualify for the choir!

We need more voices to help make our Masses a joyful experience for everyone. You don’t need any experience; you don’t need any training, if you can carry a tune, that’s enough. Don’t think ‘I’m not good enough’ because we all sound better when we sing together. Of course, if you have been blessed with a special voice and can be a lead singer, then let us know about it!
If you want to speak to someone about being part of the Music Ministry or have any questions, contact the Parish Office on 9401 6371. Likewise, youth ensemble enquiries should be directed through the Parish Office.
We need ….
More lead singers
More choir members for big celebrations
Youth singers and musicians (a monthly Mass time can be allocated to you so you can lead the parish with your special talents)
We would also like to form a Parish Primary School Children’s Choir
If you can assist with playing the organ, piano or any other instrument, please let us know. You may just want to assist with special Masses; you don’t need to volunteer every week. But if you do have a musical talent, please don’t keep it a secret, let us know so we can include you in various occasions.
Choir rehearsal
Choir rehearsal is held on Thursday nights at St Francis Xavier Church at 7.30pm.