What we support

The Fund will provide support prioritised toward program, operational or capital costs. It will consider funding capacity-building activities of organisations that will be able to demonstrate how their intended use of the granted funds will have positive impact on their work to help overcome disadvantage, inequality and exclusion for people in the geographic boundaries of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.
The priorities for the Fund’s grantmaking include:
  • Research and development grants 
  • Supporting community groups in capacity building activities 
  • Seed funding to establish a new project or funding to allow a project to continue. 
  • Core costs for equipment, administration or salaries 
  • Paying for specific expertise required in a particular field 
  • Providing professional development for staff 
  • Introduction of capacity building technologies. 
  • Grants to support the purchase of equipment 
  • Renovation or refurbishment of existing buildings. 
Generally, the Fund will not grant funding to:
  • Interstate, national or international projects that do not directly benefit people in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne 
  • Individuals requesting support for professional learning, academic research or study to obtain a degree or diploma, or to attend conferences 
  • Retrospective grants to cover an organisation’s spending incurred before the grant term 
  • Recurrent costs or general operational expenses that do not directly benefit beneficiaries
  • General fundraising appeals or commercial sponsorships

2020 Grant Applications

Archbishop’s Charitable Fund grant making round for 2020 is open for applications

For over 30 years, the generosity of the Catholic community has supported the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, enabling it to provide funding for the many charitable works of the Church. In 2018, the Melbourne Catholic Archbishop’s Charitable Fund introduced a new approach to grant making, and this marked a new era of deep commitment to constant and compassionate support.

Total Grant allocations over the last three years have exceeded $500,000 and have been distributed to over 30 Catholic charitable organisations to assist in projects and programs that work towards effecting positive change and to overcome disadvantage, inequality and exclusion.

In these particularly challenging times we are all facing, perhaps your organisation might need some support so that you may continue to bring care and compassion to others.
Download the 2020 Grant Application Form 
Closing date for final applications will be 15 September 2020