2018 Inaugural Grant Awards

In 2018, we introduced a new approach to grant making, which will mark this as a new era of deep commitment to constant and compassionate serving. We are proud to announce the initial grant allocations awarded for 2018. A total of $291,508 is being distributed to nine organisations to effect positive change to overcome disadvantage, inequality and exclusion. 

Pregnancy Assistance Frankston Inc., the Drop In Centre: $17,508 

The Fund will provide financial support for the Drop In Centre for women seeking assistance for their pregnancy. Sometimes a pregnancy can become a crisis when it is complicated by issues including broken relationships, family tension, poor timing and financial difficulties. The Fund aims to alleviate some of these difficulties while upholding the Catholic teaching on the sacredness of life. 

Villa Maria Catholic Homes, the Wantirna Refurbishment: $24,000 

The Wantirna Refurbishment funding will transform a worn-out room into a welcoming and inclusive space for children, adults and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Great consideration has been given to design, furniture, equipment, colour and lighting to provide a suitable physical environment with the appropriate level of sensory stimulation. 

CatholicCare, Settle Well: $30,000 

The Settle Well program is the only refugee and asylum seeker-targeted program in Geelong in a school setting with a focus on identified at-risk students in Years 10, 11 and 12. The funding will allow the continuation of an experienced Youth Counsellor to provide one-on-one emotional and practical support to newly-arrived young people—helping them to succeed in school and to find achievable pathways to fulfilling futures.

Edmund Rice Camps Victoria (ERCVic): $40,000 

Positive role models are vital to ERCVic and these funds will provide volunteers with the support and training to enable them to effectively engage with and respond to participants referred to these camps. With a strict 1:1 ratio of volunteers to camp participants, the volunteers will be equipped with the required knowledge and skills, including understanding the impact of trauma, creative play, regulating behaviours, child protection, and practical skills such as first aid. 

St Vincent de Paul Victoria, Matthew’s Offering: $10,000 

Matthew’s Offering (Matthew 25:35) is a program designed to support disadvantaged families from rural or country Victoria requiring critical hospital or medical treatment at public hospitals located in the Melbourne metropolitan area. The aim is to help families with no other means of financial support. The Fund will support the continued provision of temporary accommodation, meals and pastoral support throughout the relocation period.  

Jesuit Social Services, new ways of working with men from African communities: $60,000

Funding is required to explore new ways of engaging boys and men from African communities across Melbourne to support them in dealing with issues around settlement, health and wellbeing, parenting and family violence, education, training and employment. A research and community engagement worker will facilitate consultation with relevant stakeholders to develop a detailed project scope and proposal. Based on the principles underpinning the Victorian African Communities Action Plan 2018–2028, the initiative aims to use community strengths, to be accountable, to work in partnership and to create lasting change. 

St Mary’s House of Welcome, Elderly Chinese Support Group: $15,000 

The Elderly Chinese Support Group at St Mary’s House of Welcome was established because these members of the Chinese community lack social and family support, and feel disconnected from the wider community. This funding will allow for a Chinese-speaking support worker to continue to provide this service, offering special group activities that promote a sense of belonging and connection to culture and community.   

MacKillop Family Services, national records access service for Catholic children’s homes and orphanages: $80,000

The proposed national records access service will fund Catholic records repositories to operate in a coordinated way, with a common set of standards and advanced sharing of information. The Fund will support the expanded facilities to house paper-based records safely and securely at MacKillop’s Head Office in South Melbourne. 

Sacred Heart Mission, Hands on Health Clinic: $15,000

The Hands on Health Clinic changes lives for the better. It provides people experiencing homelessness and chronic disadvantage and facing challenges of poor physical and mental health, social isolation and trauma with access to therapeutic treatments that would otherwise be out of reach. Partnering with Sacred Heart Mission, the Fund will assist the clinic to continue offering its model of community development and collaboration with low-cost health care.