Session 3: Third formation video (9/9 - final)
In this ninth and final video, we reflect on life as a pilgrimage?
Session 3: Second formation video (8/9)
In this eight video, we reflect on growing in the spirit? 
Session 3: First formation video (7/9)
In this seventh video, we reflect on who Christ says I am? 
Session 2: Third formation video (6/9)
In this sixth video, we reflect on: God speaks in unique ways on our personal journey. 
Session 2: Second formation video (5/9)
In this fifth video, we reflect on: Is there more?
Session 2: First formation video (4/9)
In this fourth video, we reflect on that there are many voices we listen to. Which ones am I tuning in to? 
Session 1: Third Formation video (3/9)
In this third video, we look at our identity and worth. 
Session 1: Second Formation video (2/9)
In this second video we look at self image and who we are in God's eyes. 
Session 1: First Formation video (1/9)
In this first video we look at what pilgrimage means. 
Justine Cumbo talk about ACYF and what leader qualities are important
Hear Mimi Lee, from St Mary's Star of the Sea, West Melbourne, talk about what ACYF offers
Hear Anthony Kelly, the Eastern Ministry Consultant share why you should be at ACYF
Listen to teachers share what ACYF means to the growth of their students
Archbishop Peter invites you to join The Melbourne Pilgrimage