Group Coordinator Information

Resources for Group Leaders 
Leading a group to ACYF is a big but rewarding undertaking. Thank you for your generosity in taking on this task.
To ensure the safety of all involved, Group Coordinators are required to comply with the Melbourne ACYF2019 Pilgrimage Policies and Procedures.
As a first step, all Group Coordinators of self managed groups should read this information booklet outlining the responsibilities of Group Coordinators taking a group to ACYF with the Melbourne Pilgrimage.
As outlined in the above document, all Group Coordinators should have already completed:
  • Attend a compulsory Group Coordinator briefing. Slides HERE
  • The session is available to watch as a webinar HERE
  • Provide their WWCC details (or VIT registration if leading a school group. This is collected through the Harvest website)
  • Provide a copy of a Police Check (Not required if VIT registration provided above). Group Coordinators to email this directly to If the Police check is more than 3 months old but less than 3 years old, it must be accompanied by a statutory declaration. A sample a statutory declaration can be found HERE.
  •  Sign the ACYF Group Coordinators Code of Conduct and Declaration. This will be collected at the Group Coordinator briefing sessions or can be emailed through by 26 September.
  • Read the relevant sections of the Melbourne ACYF2019 Pilgrimage Policies and Procedures (A copy of the policy will be emailed to all Group Coordinators directly)
A number of resources have been developed to assist Group Coordinators in fulfilling their responsibilities.
Sample Documents:
The ACYF website will also provide some documents as resources for Group Coordinators HERE
The following document also provides good background information about how child safety fits within a youth ministry context: “Seriously important things you need to know”
Formation Resources - Sessions 1 & 2
All the resources for the first formation session can be found under the Resources menu