When is the Australian Catholic Youth Festival? 

December 8th-10th 2019. See Festival Program for a more detailed schedule.
Where is it located?
The 2019 Festival will be held at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth
Can I attend?
The Melbourne Pilgrimage is now closed. Individuals aged over 18 (until the age of 30) can register directly with the festival via the Festival website. Those who register directly will be in charge or organising their own transport and accommodation.
I have already registered a group, can I add another person?
Unfortunately no further changes to groups can be made.
Is ACYF registration included in the Melbourne Pilgrimage?
Yes, ACYF registration is included in each of the Melbourne Pilgrimage packages. You will be supplied with your registration pack closer to the Festival date.
Where can I find information for self-managed groups?
Information and resources for self-managed Group Coordinators can be found on HERE.
What are the T&C's for Harvest Pilgrimage?
The full Terms and Conditions are available at the following link
Festival Program
The ACYF is a dynamic festival experience with a variety of activities occurring across the day. The basic opening hours of the Festival in 2019 are:
Sunday 8 December
9.30am Morning Plenary (Doors open 8.30am)
11.00am Festival Activities (workshops, music stages, expo hall, prayer and discussion)
6.30pm Evening Plenary (Doors open 5.30pm)
8.30pm Close
Monday 9 December
9.30am Morning Plenary (Doors open 8.30am)
11.00am Festival Activities (workshops, music stages, expo hall, prayer and discussion)
6.30pm Evening Plenary (Doors open 5.30pm)
8.30pm Close
Tuesday 10 December
9.30am Festival Activities (workshops, music stages, expo hall, prayer and discussion)
3.30pm Pilgrimage Walk to Closing Mass Site
6.30pm Closing Mass
8.30pm Finish
A full schedule of workshops and experience times and locations will be released later 2019.
Is Mass included in schedule for ACYF?
Yes. There are 2 - 3 Masses offered every day at the Festival (including on Sunday). Each Mass can hold about 1000 people in the Chapel. So up to 3,000 people can attend Mass each day overall at the Festival.
Why have I not heard of the Plenary Presenters?
The plenary presenters might be considered more up and coming than Matt Maher / Jason Evert but they are well known and respected in the United States. We are very confident that those that see them in Perth will be suitably impressed and inspired. 
Are meals included?
Meal inclusions: daily breakfast, all Festival meals, at least one plane meal (depending on time of flight)
Meal exclusions: meals on travel days (bar meals on flights), retreat day meals. See your itinerary for full inclusions.
What dietary requirements are catered for at ACYF?
The ACYF Food Hall is capable of fitting 3000 people within the space with multiple food options to cater for all dietary requirements. Harvest has submitted dietary requirements with your registration details directly to ACYF.
Is accommodation included?
Yes, all accommodation is provided in the Melbourne Packages. Festival accommodation is located within a 30 minute walk of the venue.
Is the retreat accommodation included in the price?
Yes the accommodation for the retreat is included in the Melbourne ACYF Pilgrimage cost.
Where will our retreat be?
Packages A and B
Groups who chose package A or B can choose to book with Harvest a specific location for their retreat day, or find a suitable space to run their retreat themselves. A retreat program and resources will be made available to all groups to use or adapt as they see fit.
Package C
All groups who chose Package C will be accommodated at a suitable retreat venue for this portion of the pilgrimage. We can’t confirm the exact location until registrations close because we need to work to fit all the groups and match with capacity of the venue. We anticipate that each group will know their exact accommodation in November so there will be plenty of time to make preparations. This is pretty usual when organising large groups like this.
What will the Formation Resources look like?
The resources which will be provided will be in a package format, with videos and worksheets available to support group discussion. It is currently estimated that self-managed groups can allocate 1-1.5 hours of formation time, multiplied by three formation sessions. All the resources are available through this website under: Resources
Can teachers have accreditation for participation in ACYF?
Yes. CEM is offering ‘Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic School for participation in the Australian Catholic Youth Festival’, 12 and half hours in total.
Can pilgrims extend their flight to stay on in Perth post ACYF?
Yes. They need to call Harvest, it could be at an extra cost, but they can extend their stay.
Can pilgrims change their flight to fly early or later to ACYF?
No. We will all fly on the specified dates for the packages. There is no flexibility in changing the date to fly - whether coming a day early or arriving a day late. This cannot be changed.
Can pilgrims change their flight to leave early from ACYF?
No. They can not leave ACYF early to return back if they want to come with our packages.
Travel Insurance
Domestic Travel insurance is not included in the Melbourne Pilgrimage packages, if you would like to purchase insurance in the lead up to the event, some options (not exhaustive) include:
1. CoverMore:  CoverMore offer online policies for a 17 year old for $63
2. Australia Post: Online plan is $50
3. Through your private health cover eg BUPA, Medibank etc. Bupa: Bupa plan for an existing member is $50