A selection of links that are recommended by the ACM.

1 LinkAustralian Museum
The Australian Museum
has much of interest in getting to know about Aboriginal people, spirituality, beliefs, culture, etc. For example: Spirituality: 
NAIDOC celebrations are held around Australia in the first full week in July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
3 LinkNational Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Ecumenical Commission
Information and resources regarding the major issues affecting Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia from an Ecumenical Christian perspective.
4 LinkNatsicc
State and Territory information including Indigenous Catholic Statistics, Councillor profiles and details of local Aboriginal Catholic Ministries and Aboriginal and Islander Catholic Councils.
5 LinkOpening The Doors Foundation
Oganisation founded to provide assistance for education of Koorie children in an education of choice. An initiative of The ACM.
6 LinkPass It On
The "Pass It On" Message Stick Relay is a call from the Indigenous Catholics of Australia to the church and the nation to renew their responses to the challenges identified by the Pope in 1986.
7 LinkReconciliation Australia
Reconciliation among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is about finding new and better ways of tackling problems and of connecting with one another.
Reconciliation involves justice, recognition and healing.
8 LinkReconciliation Victoria
Information from Reconciliation Victoria.
9 LinkWhat's Working
This is a website set up by Women for Wik. We are a small group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous women including academics, writers, filmmakers, artists and teachers.
10 LinkYarra Healing
Towards Reconciliation with Indigenous Australians