Community Advisory Council

VICTORIAN ABORIGINAL CATHOLIC COUNCIL was formed in 2003.This Council replaced the position of Outreach Worker for the ACMV and was to become the forum for consideration of issues arising for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholics in the four dioceses of Victoria.

In 2015 a shift in emphasis and operation has become necessary due to required budget cuts as requested by the Archbishop of Melbourne.
The Victorian Aboriginal Catholic Council (VACC) will change to the Advisory Committee to the ACMV with an appropriate new Terms of Reference established.
The current membership will remain the same, with any future replacement due to a retiring memberreplacementbeing nominated from the same diocese.
Main changes to the operations will be that the Advisory Committee will meet twice a year instead of four times.Their main task being to (i) Prioritise and oversee ACMV Projects and (ii) Oversee Liturgy development.
The NATSICC Representative will no longer be elected through this Council, but will be taken on as part of the duties of the Coordinator of the ACMV.