Our Ministry

Binnap Partners
Are a group of volunteers that support the operations of the ACM allowing it to extend pastoral care to the Aboriginal Community. For membership contact  Vicki Clark ACM 9480 3849

Opening the Doors Foundation
Is an education foundation established by the ACM to support Aboriginal families who are making a choice for a Catholic education for their children. If you want to know more about Opening the Doors Foundation contact the office on 03 9443 9070 or have a  look on the web site for further information  

Catholics for Australian Reconciliation
Catholics for Australian Reconciliation (CFAR) is a group of Catholics initially convened by the Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese for Justice, Development and Peace and the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry for Victoria.  This group sees itself as responding to the mandate of Vatican II, which said that the church has ‘always had the duty of scrutinising the signs of the times and of interpreting them in the light of the gospel’. For membership contact  Vicki Clark ACM 9480 3849

We welcome new members
If you are interested in joining the Binnaps or CFAR please contact the ACM on 03 9480 3849