BINNAP Workshops

From its beginnings, one of the stated aims of the founders of the ACM was to create awareness within the wider Catholic community. In light of this aim, a range of educational programmes in the participative form of workshops, were held at the ACM house, firstly in 493 St George's Rd., Thornbury and from 1999, over the rod in 434 St George's Rd., from the early 90's to 2004. In 1991 Marg Hill, Education Co-ordinator for this period, was invited to work with the ACM members in planning the content and the method of the workshop programs.

The first of the workshops coincided with the early years of the Decade of Reconciliation. This was a time of considerable interest and enthusiasm, both within the Catholic and wider communities, for issues relating to Indigenous people and the wider Australian community. It was also the decade off Mado, Native Title, Wik, Stolen Generation Report, change of Government, Year of Jubilee. The ACM kept pace with these developments offering workshops in response to particular issues to a wide range of groups. In the area of culture and spirituality, three-day retreats were conducted for senior students and adult groups. This took place in the Gariwerd/Grampians area of Western Victoria and the Barmah forest on the Murray River.