Apology Day
Thursday 13th February 2014
Are you looking for an activity that’s practical and effective to commemorate one of Australia’s most memorable moment in history???

Class Activity
  • Watch one of resources suggested below
  • Invite the students to reflect on what they heard 
  • Share their feelings in the group
  • Each student write their feelings on a red or yellow ribbon
  • Write a short message to Aboriginal  people on ribbon
  • Place ribbon on school fence spelling out the word  “SORRY”
  • This will make a wonderful display for the whole community

This activity could be achieved in one period in a primary or secondary setting and all you need is red, yellow and black ribbon the black ribbon is to complete the colors of the Aboriginal flag and  little preparation time.

Please forward 1 or 2 photos to for the PROUD RACE web site

Primary and secondary resources

[Download full resource list]

[Download flyer]