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One of the most common questions I

face on a university campus is, ‘How

do I know God’s will for my life?’ The

short answer I generally give is: ‘If you

want to do God’s will tomorrow, do

God’s will today!’ That obviously needs

some unpacking. It hits on a central

nerve of the Christian life – our everyday

relationship with Jesus Christ.

In order to do God’s will, we need to learn

to recognise His voice, His invitations,

and His interventions in our everyday

lives. That takes knowledge of God, of

ourselves, and our relationship. Do we

know Him enough to know what He

loves and desires? Are we interiorly free

enough to love what He loves? How does

he most often let me know what that is?

Our souls conform to what we love. This

is a shocking reality. On a physical level,

we are what we eat, but on the level of

freedom, we are what we think, love and

choose. Drinking petrol is a fast way to

destroy our body. What we have more

difficulty realising is the power of ideas,

images and manipulated affections to

reshape our interior landscape.

‘Do not be conformed to this world but

be transformed by the renewal of your

minds.’ (Rom 12:2)

Sr Mary Helen OP