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‘Australia is known for its vibrant food

culture,’ said Thérèse. ‘OnePlate is about

tapping into that and giving Australians

the opportunity to make a difference in

the lives of these street children.’

Manila is just an eight-hour flight away,

but the streets bear little resemblance

to those in Australia. Thérèse saw the

challenge in making the plight of Manila’s

street children real to Australians.

The word ‘charity’ is associated with

‘giving’, but the primary concept of

charity is love (‘caritas’ is Latin for ‘love’).

Charity is about stepping outside of

oneself, going above and beyond.

‘By the simple act of choosing to eat out

at a OnePlate restaurant,’ said Thérèse,

‘Australian food culture can be gradually

transformed into an act of giving, one

plate at a time’. Partner eateries will

benefit from marketing and advertising

offered by the OnePlate team, a series of

highly skilled and devoted volunteers.

‘OnePlate is made up of a tribe of friends,

all volunteering our time and resources to

get this social enterprise off the ground.

I am amazed and humbled by the

incredible support we have had across

Australia from generous benefactors and

businesses, all wanting to contribute to

OnePlate,’ said Thérèse.

In January 2016, OnePlate fully funded

a 7.5m x 8m rooftop garden in Manila,

where 100 street children live. Under

the supervision of Joe-Dean, the roof

top garden will not only help feed

the children, but give them the skills

and education to move them off the

streets, breaking the poverty cycle.

This is just the beginning. OnePlate

will provide funding for a wide range of

innovative, sustainable food projects

in the developing world – including

wall-mounted food gardens in slums,

hydroponic cultivation, chicken farms,

community cooking classes, worm farms

and seed banks.

‘Funds raised are donated to local

foundations in impoverished communities

to fund the start-up of self-sustaining

food programs that empower locals to

live a life of self-reliance and give them

the dignity they deserve,’ said Thérèse.

This is very important to give people the

tools they need to create their own food


While charity may begin at home, One

Plate is hoping to bring it to a menu near

you. If you are in the hospitality business

and committed to change, consider

joining the OnePlate movement. If you

are in the business of eating, think about

what a difference your next meal could

make with OnePlate and choose to eat

out at one of the all-star cast of OnePlate

partner restaurants, cafes and pubs,

knowing that 100% of your $1 goes to

those in the greatest of need.

For more information please visit:

Natasha Marsh is a

freelance journalist living

in Melbourne.