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Currently, more than two million children

live on the streets in Manila, some as

young as eight months old. ‘Some do not

have parents, others have run away from

violent homes, and others are sent to

live on the streets by their parents, who

cannot look after them,’ she said.

‘The children take drugs, not because

they are involved in crime, but to numb

their stomachs from the pain of hunger.

In Manila, a litre of solvent is cheaper

than a bowl of rice.’

Run by a Filipino lay-missionary couple,

Joe-Dean and Ardis, the ‘He Cares

Foundation’ provides shelter for 100

children. Every Saturday, they welcome

over 400 street children to feed them. For

many, it is the only square meal they will

receive in a week.

While this is a drop in the ocean

compared to the millions of street

children, Joe-Dean is optimistic: ‘My

hope for the future is that there will be no

street children,’ he said.

That same confidence was the

inspiration for OnePlate. Like Joe-

Dean’s Foundation, many small acts can

together make a world of difference: One

person, one meal, one dollar, one plate,

every day.

OnePlate has tapped into the thriving

Australian food culture, with all it

implies – family, community, friends

and abundance – to foster a culture of