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OnePlate is a new social enterprise

that links foodies with socially

conscious restaurants who want to

make a difference in the world. The

idea is simple: participating Australian

restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs

nominate ‘OnePlate’ menu items,

one dollar of which goes to funding

sustainable food programs across the

developing world.

‘OnePlate is a grassroots movement

that gives Australians the opportunity

to make a difference in the world every

time we dine out,’ said Thérèse Nichols,

founder of OnePlate. ‘Everyone eats out,

so why don’t we make sure that we do

it consciously to empower impoverished

communities to build sustainable, holistic

food programs?’

The idea was born in 2015, when Thérèse

travelled to the Philippines to volunteer

with the ‘He Cares Foundation’, an

organisation offering food, clothing,

education, medical and spiritual support

to the street children of Manila.

‘I was shocked to see so many little

children. living on the streets. With no

food, no house, no parents. Many of

these children are forced into gangs,

prostitution and violence,’ she said.

Natasha Marsh