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Recently, a radio station in Melbourne

spent an hour of talkback time lamenting

the limitations of GPS and Google Maps.

Callers filled an hour with horror stories

of misguided directions and wrong


We rely on technology so much to get

us to our destination. We ‘outsource’ our

planning to another, in order to get there

quicker or to make life easier.

However, it does not always go

according to plan.


shows that the Holy Spirit is the

most reliable guide to life. Through the

articles, testimonies and stories, we hope

that you can draw some inspiration and

strength to follow the Lord.

In this publication, it is our hope that the

articles may show another route that can

be taken – one that has some ‘divine

guidance’ to get to the destination and to

enjoy the journey!

Fr David Cartwright

Vocations Director

Archdiocese of Melbourne