Kairos Catholic Journal is a member of the Australasian Catholic Press Association (ACPA) and the Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA). Each year, a conference is held for member publications from across Australasia. As part of the conference gathering, an awards ceremony is conducted recognising the work of member publications in a variety of categories for the previous year of work. Over the years, Kairos and its staff have enjoyed a multitude of awards at both ARPA and ACPA:

Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA)

Winner Best Profile Story, Journalist Edwina Hall, ‘Time out with Tim Fischer’
[ Volume 23. No 10, pg 4-5]
Highly commended: Best Devotional , Author David Schutz


Winner, Best Original Photograph, ‘In the Father’s Hands’. Photographer: Fiona Basile [link to Vol. 22 No. 2]


Highly commended, Best feature (multiple authors). Title: Canonisation of St Mary MacKillop of the Cross. [link to Vol. 21 No. 20]


Silver award, Best feature, World Youth Day 2008. Editor: James O’Farrell

Highly commended, Best devotional article applying faith to life. Title: God’s crash course on life. Author: Karen Robinson.

Australasian Catholic Press Association (ACPA)  

Winner, Best layout and design. Editor: Fiona Power [Kairos 2012]

Highly commended, Bishop Philip Kennedy Memorial Prize for Best Magazine. Editor: Fiona Power [ Kairos 2012]

Highly commended, Best article on catechesis. Title: Spirit is Moving – Mary: woman of the spirit’. Author: Br Mark O’Connor FMS

Highly commended, Most improved publication. Editor: Fiona Power [Kairos 2012]


Winner, Best Original Photograph. Title: Marjorie Liddy. Photographer: Fiona Basile [Vol. 22 No. 15, pg 11]

Winner, Best Advertising Feature / Supplement. Title: Vocations feature. Editor: Fiona Power.[Vol. 22 No. 13]

Highly commended, Best Magazine Layout and Design. Editor: Fiona Power. [Kairos 2011]

Highly commended, Best Feature Story. Title: Heart for Photography. Photographer and Author: Fiona Basile [ Vol 22. No. 8, pg 16-17]


Winner, Bishop Phillip Kennedy Memorial Prize for Best Magazine. Editor: James’ O’Farrell/ Fiona Power. [Kairos 2010]

Winner, Best original photograph. Title: In the father’s hands. Photographer: Fiona Basile [Vol. 22 No. 2]

Highly commended, Best advertising feature/supplement. Title: Vocations. Editor: James O’Farrell [Vol. 22 No 13]


Highly commended, Best Magazine Front Cover. Editor: James O’Farrell


Highly commended, Best News Story, Title: Remembering Ryan. Author: Rebecca Comini

Winner, Best advertising feature/supplement


Winner, Best website for a publication

Highly commended, Best advertisement